Energy efficiency & conservation activities at school level

An initiative is taken at school level of Chhattisgarh state to make the students and staff aware about energy efficiency & conservation, for which they were facilitated with financial assistance for conducting these activities. An audit format (Water, energy & cleanliness) is created, which was filled by students of respective schools thus help them in identifying the wastage of resources in their schools and homes as well. Energy Clubs has been developed in 30 nos. of schools.

Organizing “Energy Mela” at Bilaspur and Raipur

An event named “Energy Mela” is organized at Bilaspur and Raipur, to create awareness about energy efficient practices and new technology equipment’s available in the market. The theme of this mela is “Energy efficient homes” in which various companies participated to display their equipment’s and product. The response in this program is very good, approximately 1500-2000 people came in this mela.

Workshop for DCs of PAT scheme and general workshop for municipal officers and staff

A workshop was conducted for the DCs (Designated consumers) under the PAT scheme (An energy efficient scheme for energy intensive industries) in which issues and challenges faced by the industries were reviewed and also to check their compliance in fulfilling the targets of scheme. Also general workshop on the theme of energy conservation & efficiency was conducted for the municipal officers and staff which are aimed at to make them aware about energy efficient opportunities and practices prevailing in the street lighting and water pumping.

Upgrading skills of Energy Managers & Energy Auditors

CREDA has been conducting yearly workshop for BEE certified Energy Auditors & Energy Managers in order to upgrade the skills & knowledge of the Energy Auditors & Energy Managers in association with National Productivity Council. These workshops benefited to Energy Auditors & Energy Managers as well as industries also.