ECBC cell was established in Chhattisgarh during September -2016 under the support of UNDP-GEF-BEE project for a period of one year to provide assistance for ECBC implementation in Chhattisgarh and technical support to the Architects/ PWD engineers/Local authorities for designing of the ECBC compliant buildings. The ECBC cell team has four members, one Architect and three Engineers.

Accomplished tasks by ECBC CELL

  • A list of building energy efficient materials (Civil and Electrical) along with a detailed specifications has been prepared in consultation with the stakeholders & the final list has been submitted to the chairman of the Schedule of Rates committee, PWD for inclusion in SoR-2016

  • Development of energy efficient products manufacturer and supplier directory for reference & to create awareness of availability of materials in the market.

  • Prepared standard presentation slides on Chhattisgarh ECBC-2014

  • Developed several case studies and mapped best practices across Chhattisgarh for better understanding of Energy Efficient Buildings.

  • Presentations to various Government Departments, Institutions and Private design professionals explaining about the governance system, amendment process, strategies and principles of Ecbc compliant buildings.

  • Proposed Advisory committee to provide steering direction in notification and Implementation of ECBC in Chhattisgarh

  • Supporting CREDA, for departmental presentation for creating awareness on ECBC, like NIT Raipur, PWD, NRDA, CCOST, Town and Country planning, SUDA, Department of Agriculture, Energy department, CPWD and CGHB etc..

  • Architectural designing and detailing of Administrative building for the upcoming project of 500MW Solar Park at Rajnandgaon to make it ECBC compliant.

  • A KMZ file (opens in Google maps and Google Earth) was developed with demarcations of district boundaries and administrative divisions and geo referencing of cities, where ECBC workshops will be held. KMZ file also includes geo-referencing of available Climatic data of respective cities of Chhattisgarh (i.e. Raipur and Jagdalpur).

  • Organized 35 Capacity Building Training Programmes on ECBC in a combination of One day, two days and three days for different stakeholders, engineers, architects etc.

  • Designed a knowledge portal ( “BHAWAN MITRA” – Building sustainable future) to promote energy conservation and to give complete solutions for making green buildings in the state. Under Bhawan Mitra CREDA is promoting Energy Efficient building materials and technologies to create awareness. CREDA, through Bhawan Mitra, is committed to connect all the design professionals/academicians/ govt. officials/ local people, to join their hands for implementing energy efficiency in the state.

  • Supporting CREDA in consolidating EoI for Energy auditing of various government buildings. CREDA has identified more than 90 buildings in Chhattisgarh. Amongst which, for more than 42 buildings LOI has been released to the empanelled agencies to conduct Building Energy Audit.

Following are some of the important activities in which ECBC cell supports CREDA in the coming Future:

  • Support CREDA in notification of ECBC in the state. CGECBC code/CGECBC rules/ CGECBC Notification has been revised and submitted as per the ECBC 2017, to the Energy Department for the final notification, and is at the final stage.

  • Supporting CREDA in scrutinizing all the upcoming energy audit of the buildings.

  • Support the implementation of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) for commercial buildings in Chhattisgarh

  • Support in the development of Municipal building approval system to include Chhattisgarh ECBC

  • Technical support for BHAVAN MITRA scheme- A one stop solution for sustainable building information

  • Assist in proper Documentation of various articles, share thoughts-Printing of half yearly journals on ECBC Topics, Best practices, Monthly Newsletters etc. Will be the primary activities of the cell.

  • Updations of Energy efficient materials and vendors list.