CGECBC Draft - Feedback Form

Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) has been notified by Government of India as per Section 14(p) of Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (EC Act, 2001). Section 15(a) of the EC Act, provides the power to the State government to amend & notify the ECBC. ECBC is a technical code specifying design stage intervention in building sector. Objective of ECBC is to make buildings more energy efficient so that it will contribute to the reduction in the carbon emission by optimizing the energy usage. It will be made mandatory by government after notification, to adopt ECBC in commercial building sector.

The CGECBC has been amended by CREDA, as per the climatic & topographical condition of Chhattisgarh, and the Draft of the same is uploaded here for public suggestions & comments. Any professional related to building design and having experience of 3 or more years can provide suggestions (on First 3 chapters only)

Feedback Form